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​Voter Registration, Election Protection, Poll Workers & Early Voting efforts are just the beginning of what "Turn Up the Vote!" accomplishes. Our Special Registration Deputies have registered thousands of voters in the Racine area and our website offers clear and specific information for voters.

The C4C voter engagement program, "Turn Up the Vote!" was awarded the Phyllis Dresen "Spirit of Democracy" Award in 2012 and has gone on to become a model for voter engagement nationwide. 
​With the implementation of Obamacare, Wisconsin residents found themselves without a state run health care marketplace when Governor Scott Walker declined to expand Medicaid and create an insurance website. With thousands of Racine County residents faced with being kicked-off Badgercare, Community for Change and our partners created a comprehensive website listing insurance companies offering insurance and local resources to get enrolled.

​In 2011, Wisconsin instituted a concealed carry law in the State Legislature. Many businesses, organizations and families were uncomfortable knowing handguns could be brought on their premises without permission - and were equally uncomfortable posting a prohibition sign which featured a picture of a gun. 

C4C organizer, Kelly Gallaher, designed a "gun free" sign offering a message of peace that has been so popular - it won the "Hero of the Week" award from the Milwaukee Shepherd Express. Sales of the POP signs were donated to local anti-violence organizations.

"Place of Peace" signs have been shipped across the state and the country - being very popular with churches, restaurants and day-care centers. POP signs are still available for purchase at a suggested $1 a piece. 
​Joining with the Racine Interfaith Coalition and other area immigration activists, C4C helped to form the Immigration Action Coalition to assist area immigrants in the application for Deferred Action for parents and children who are eligible. The IAC will host orientation meetings with immigration and tax specialists and help to coordinate low interest loans for application fees and legal assistance.

The IAC currently maintains a Facebook page with updates and events.
​C4C also participated in a month long lenten fast and four consecutive weekends of enrollment events with 24 local churches called "Fast 4 Fairness". Organizers planned prayer vigils with congregations and brought in health care navigators to enroll residents in Badgercare or health insurance plans. Over one hundred people were enrolled and many more were given information and advice to assist them in enrolling themselves.

In the spring of 2012, "Fast 4 Fairness" met with the Racine Common Council, proposing a non-binding resolution asking the Governor to reconsider and expand Medicaid in our state. The Common Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of the resolution. 
"The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened" 
John F. Kennedy